Unforgettable Summer Holidays

in Yuppi Camp

Yuppi is a camp different from the others! It is a modern camp that cultivates and develops the bodily, cognitive and emotional skills of its campers in the best possible way, through specially designed action, play and creative work programs that are implemented by skilled and highly experienced executives in an amazing camper space. The long-term camping experience of our executives, but above all the true love for children, guarantee the design of specially designed, varied and fully structured entertainment programs and creative employment of our campers. Because in our camp, experiential pedagogy finds its ultimate realization.

The heads of the education and training groups Messrs. Angelos Konstantinou, teacher-trainer, Tasos Glantzis, nursery school teacher, nursery school director of Thessaloniki, Giorgos Ioannidis, teacher-trainer, Sotiris Kokkinopoulos, trainer, Giannis Samaras, teacher, Nikos Siagas, , teachers, trainers) are the human resources that underpin Yuppi’s excellent operation and the success of our camping programs.

YUPPI CAMP’s facilities are state-of-the-art, comfortable, completely secure and consist of:

Comfortable, cozy little houses


Dining room with a capacity of 900 people


Housed workshops


Multimedia Lab


Adventure track




Swimming pool athletic, Olympic dimension


Recreation pool


Lending library


Athletic facilities of high standards and international standards




Amphitheater for Performances and Evening Summer Cinema


This summer


Select the Yuppi camp for your children’s summer holidays. Choose to live 22 unforgettable camping days full of games, experiences, laughter, joy, friendship, knowledge, adventure … sun and sea!

Toilets and showers


Doctor and nurse




Handball Stadium


7x7 soccer field with 4th generation carpet


Basketball and Mini Basketball


5x5 football pitches