What we achieve

Following these programs

They are tailored to children’s needs for movement, play, communication, creation and expression, and each year they are even more refreshed and full of surprises.

They seek not to exclude any children, to reward and accompany the peculiarities, to generate experiences, relationships, to show high human values in everyday life, in cohabitation and in team life.

They are designed to guide children while allowing them to freely choose, and in this way the scope for their emancipation and self-confidence.

They combine the camp proposals with the concerns of the children and thus form a common framework of life.

It is our choice to encourage children to participate consciously in programs, to take their views into account and to accept deviations or changes by making use of their suggestions.


Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball.

Tournament and Camp Football.

Aerobic, Rhythmic.

Cycling, Archery, Self Defense, Ping Pong.


X-treme actions



Balance games



Flying fox

Mountain bikes, Excursions

Sea & pool

Swimming in the crystal clear seas of Kryopigi (Blue Flag EU) and in the swimming pools

Aqua Aerobics

Water polo


Learning to swim

Canoe kayak

Bicycles sea

Toys in the sand

Camping nights



Movie theater


Executive Nights


Theatrical Performance

Sense Nights

Camping Games

Beach Party

Artistic & environmental facts

Specially integrated programs that cultivate teamwork, move it
free expression.

Ecological and environmental content games that give the basic knowledge
for nature

Theatrical events on the subject

Ceramics, Theater, Painting, Music, Dance, Construction, Chess,

Experiments and simple ecological constructions

They sensitize our campers for the need to protect them
our planet.