Daily Schedule

& menu

Our menu :


γάλα ή κακάο ή τσάι με βούτυρο βουτύρου, μαρμελάδα,
κριθαριού, πραλίνας φουντουκιού και μετά χυμό ή φρούτα.


beef stew, burgers, moussaka, pastitsi, chicken, stuffed pork, fish fillet, fish crumbs, steak, fried potatoes, risotto, puree, barley, spicy macaroni, always with salad and cool fruit.


cheese pie or ice cream or trunk, or jelly, or croissant.


Spaghetti Napoli or Bolognese, pizza, hot dog, souvlaki, meatballs or lettuce with salad and cool fruit or juice. The food program is designed based on Recommended Daily Nutrient Intake for children’s needs.

Camping program

08:00 Breakfast Awakening – Personal Cleaning

08:30 Activating the child with relaxed exercises

08:45 Breakfast, announcements

09:15 Arrangement of individual items & spaces

10:00 Light Breakfast (fruit juice)

10:30 Swimming & Games at sea & swimming pool

13:00 Preparation for food

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Meridian Rest

17:00 Pretend

17:30 Free Time

18:00 Sports Games:
Basketball, table tennis, volleyball, football, instrumental, rhythmic, dance. Group pedagogic toys. Swimming & Games at sea & pool.

Creative work:
Painting, constructions, ceramics, play, music, chess. Ecological activities and more.

20:30 Dinner

21:10 Evening Entertainment

23:00 Sleep