of our camp


Juniors up to 9 years old

The younger children, the Juniors, live in the colorful paved houses of the children’s village with its beautiful stone square, the kiosks, the distinct modern sanitary spaces, sports and creative workshops, the beautiful playgrounds with the towers, the slides and the houses – nests. For our little friends the program is specially designed because at the tender ages the requirements are very high and special.

Teachers with experience and passion drive children into creative streets.

At the pool – at a shallow depth – and at sea many kids will take their first bathing classes by experienced gymnasts-lifeguards while the more advanced will participate in races. Volleyball is played on a low adjusted net, while basketball with the appropriate balls of age in the corresponding basketball. In the 5×5 football field of the village, their own championships take place, while the village becomes a neighborhood when in the afternoon the children play traditional games such as mosque, lamb, apples, hide, rope, gaskets. Last but not least, night trips with lenses to Kryopigi, the passage of Tarzan and the fox fox will put children in a unique way in adventures …


Funs 9 to 12 years old

The big company of Funs lives in our new area, in Nea Politia, a modern built settlement, at the highest point of the camp, with stunning views of the sea, Sithonia, Mount Athos. They have full autonomy in infrastructure and programs. “Big” and “little” at the same time find their identity in “New State”, where the program directs the child to try, to test, to dare, to learn. At sea, swimming pool, soccer tournament, basketball, volleyball, handball, children with the guidance of experienced executives learn their secrets and techniques. The workshops in the field cover the theatrical, musical, visual arts of all children.


Teens 12 to 14 years old

Teens, our biggest friends, live “elsewhere”, in beautiful and renovated built houses with stone alleys, in the most beautiful corner of the camp. Our great campers learn to move autonomously but also to function collectively. They give their own touch to our program. They enjoy the races and upset the camp with the passion and power that distinguishes them. They create, with the guidance of our executives, cultural events, play, dance. They get to dance on nights with fun and thrill, dancing and singing. They enjoy the sea with canoeing, playing volleyball on the sand and pole. They are enjoying the adventure with climbing games, fying fox, archery, and the big game, with the two-day Safari.